Saturday, March 13, 2010

Medicine Hat Shoot

I worked on a film for Columbia Masters Film Director Berkley Brady on Monday. We shot a scene for a feature that Berkley is working on called Medicine Hat. I worked opposite actress Allison Layman; our scene found Allison's character talking her way into a job at a bar that my character managed. We shot it in a funky building on 125th St. that Columbia uses for various artistic pursuits, including as a film studio. We worked in conjunction with a cinematography class. Though we were only there a few hours, it was intense work, and a great experience for me.

Blue Collar

Worked on a project for Columbia Masters Film Director Brian Paccione last night. We shot a scene from Blue Collar. I was on set with actors Kelvin Hale & Duane Sequira. Brian directed, Ben Rutkowski was cinematographer & Ariel was on sound & everything else. We shot in an alleyway on the east side, and for me it was more like stunt work.... Kelvin's character whooped me with a baseball bat.... I'm hoping that it really looks like I got my butt kicked when they're done editing.